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February 27, 2012
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Earendil the Mariner by Ori-Clayfoot Earendil the Mariner by Ori-Clayfoot
Pencil drawing in February 2012

Being a pencil drawing after scanning the sheet was almost white to the pc so I had to darken it and was completely ruined the stretch, you do not see the shadows of my pencil on the face or armature it on the mantle, I'm sorry unable to post the best or at least it is actually on paper.

“The son of Tuor and Idril daughter of Turgon, Eärendil was raised as a child in Gondolin, where he was described in The Book of Lost Tales, Part 2 (The History of Middle-earth, Vol. 2) - "Now this babe was of greatest beauty; his skin of a shining white and his eyes of a blue surpassing that of the sky in southern lands - bluer than the sapphires of the raiment of Manwe". When Eärendil was seven years old, he escaped the sacking of Gondolin with his parents, living afterwards in Arvernien by the mouth of Sirion. Eärendil later became the leader of the people who lived there, and married Elwing, daughter of Dior the son of Beren and Lúthien. They had two sons, Elrond and Elros.
He saw his people destroyed by the dark lord and decided to use his talent to navigate to find the land of Valinor that still stood on Arda. He was the first son of Illuvatar to return after the exile and the great Valar listened to him, he was responsible for the defeat of Morgoth. He and his family was asked to make a choice, they could choose whether to become or Eldain Eldar. He, for the love of his wife, he chose to become elf while loving humans, his son Elros instead chose to become human, and it was he who gave life to the race of Numenor, the highest among humans, which marked the fall of Sauron.
The Valar had allowed it to dock on their land would not allow him to leave and was sentenced to return no more fatalities in the lands of Middle-earth, but he was allowed to surf in the sea which he loved, and to shine in heaven ages that remained in Arda thus be a source of hope for all the children of Illuvatar.” Tolkien-The Silmarillion.

I tried to be the best one of my favorite characters which I have marked the history of the world of Arda, a descendant of the most high king of the elves and men of the past, a character born in the most dangerous of all ages, who managed to find their way to the gods and gave birth to the two highest representatives of the elves and men in later ages. I hope I have made him the best.

Thanks so much for your visit!
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JuliaElven Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2012
By Elbereth...

That's absolutely perfect.
Ori-Clayfoot Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you ;)
JuliaElven Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012
You're welcome. :)
FoolofaTook97 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
this is amazing! love the details!
Ori-Clayfoot Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you! and sorry for my scanner :(
FoolofaTook97 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
thats ok! the picture is incredible!
Neranella Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012
Very good work. :dance:
katatonia91 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I would like this more, if the scanner would't mess it up... I can imagine how beautiful must it be in real.
Ori-Clayfoot Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
thanks a lot! :D
I explain to each comment, my scanner is really terrible, ruined many of my drawings, all of this is still my favorite though (I think) I improved a lot, I hope to demonstrate by drawings the last few months that I will post soon.

thanks again ;)
Darkendrama Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2012
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